A Raven’s Call for Help

Animals want our help, we just have to listen.

The following video is of a raven who went to humans for help after being quilled by a porcupine. It is pretty amazing how the raven just sits there, allowing the humans to pull the embedded quills from its face.

We asked animal communicator Penelope Smith what she thought about this video and this is what she said:

On watching the video, it is clear from the raven’s actions and thoughts that he came for help. It hurt to have the quills pulled even though he knew it had to be done, so he squawked and struck out a bit. He had been hurting for a few days when he came to people he assessed as safe to solicit their help.

Yes, people could have taken him to a wildlife center and perhaps they would have used anesthesia, but that would have been much more traumatic for the raven than enduring the momentary pain of quill pulling.

The raven had to subdue his wild and independent nature to let the people handle him. It was not easy for him, which is why he protested, yet it was a better option than letting the quills hurt and fester, possibly causing an infection.

At one point the people tried to stroke him, and the raven grumpily protested that he was a wild bird and just came to have the quills removed, not to be tame. The people were very gentle, competent, and respectful. At the end, with all the quills out, the raven felt a relief and gratitude to be free of pain. Having the pain from the quills in his body had tired him out, so he rested up in the safe, kind refuge he had found.

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