A Path Forward

Bear Garden Diaries
Metal frame creating a walkway between enclosures for bears at a wildlife sanctuary

The snow has melted, trees planted last fall have started budding, and the first wildflowers are emerging from the ground, so we are preparing to move Ramble and Bramble to their new homes. I realize I’ve been saying this a lot, but after so many years of dreaming and planning, we can hardly believe the time is here… Our dreams of state-of-the-art gardens for Ramble and Bramble are days away from becoming reality!

Two weeks ago, with minimal snow still on the ground, representatives from Idaho Fish & Game came out to inspect the new gardens before we transfer the bears over. They were blown away and had no problem approving the new facilities, telling us they would give us an A+. Immediately after their approval to move forward, our team got busy building a safe and secure walkway for the bears to make the 100+ foot journey between old and new gardens.

The walkway is now completed and will allow them the opportunity to safely move back and forth between the gardens (under staff supervision, of course) for a few days. Allowing them time to get used to their new surroundings is important. After all, our bears are homebodies, so we can’t just walk them over once and then leave them in a place that’s completely unfamiliar. They need time to adjust, just as humans would.

Who will be the first brave bear to use the walkway over to the new gardens? Ramble or Bramble?

To be continued…

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