A Foxy Friendship

Two foxes touch noses in the grass

The result of a Russian breeding experiment, Loki is an unusual fox, different from the others in appearance, mannerisms, and heredity.  Playtime in the animal garden had been somewhat lonely for him. The other foxes repeatedly rejected him. Although they had shown curiosity by circling and sniffing him, it was made clear that he wasn’t a member of the North American Red Fox Club.

When sheltered in their enclosures, his neighbor Foxy Moxy began making subtle overtures. She would put her nose close to his through the fencing. She’d wiggle her whole body and make little fox whimpers. Our animal caretakers witnessed friendly lupus lupus conversations. As we watched this relationship strengthen, we decided to put them out together in the garden with human supervision on hand, just in case. We needn’t have worried. They wiggled at and around each other enthusiastically, then darted off side by side into the bushes. Occasionally, we would catch momentary glimpses of them or find them hiding inside a large, hollow log, ready to pounce in play.

Now Loki and Moxy go out together regularly. They race around low to the ground, playing tag, hide-and-seek, and tug-of-war. We hear fox yelps, barks, and yips. They rest together in the tall grasses, enjoying each other’s presence. It is wonderful to watch how much they relish each other’s companionship.

Everybody needs a pal, a friend who accepts our differences and quirks. We’re happy for Loki and Moxy, and we appreciate all forms and types of so-called “odd couple” connections.

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