A Dream Come True

Bear Garden Diaries
Bear den covered in snow

We dreamed about the new bear gardens for such a long time—not for us humans, but for the bears. We wanted them to have waterfalls. We wanted them to have streams, boulders, deadfall, and the ability to forage. We wanted them to have the freedom to choose where they spend their days. We wanted a habitat that mimics their natural wild environment as much as possible.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, WE DID IT! We are still pinching ourselves, but we can finally say that the bear gardens are complete!

A string of late season snow storms dropped several feet of (much needed) snow on us, so we are waiting for it to melt before we safely move Ramble and Bramble to their new homes. It may take several days for them to work up the courage to make the move (because, despite their large size, they are quite timid, and it may take several days or even weeks for them to settle into their new homes). We will gladly give them that time to settle in at their own pace.

Hopefully, by the next newsletter, we will be sharing delightful tales of their initial reactions to their new lives.

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