Through Reconnection Ecology™, we can reawaken our natural bond with all that is wild.


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Earthfire's Mission is to reawaken our deep connection to wildlife and nature through Reconnection Ecology™, expanding our sense of community to include all living beings and moving us to protect thriving habitats for all life.

Earthfire Institute has pioneered Reconnection Ecology™, bringing people and wildlife together in intimate connection through retreats, stories, film, and workshops.

This visceral, healing experience is open to all of us. It can occur throughout our day-to-day lives, even in the most urban environments. Watching a documentary, walking a dog, visiting a park, or even caring for a houseplant on our windowsill can be powerful reminders of what we so often take for granted—that we are part of a greater whole.

Susan with Co-founder Earthfire the Wolf

Meet the Founders

Susan, Jean, and Earthfire the Wolf

One day, while happily working as a psychologist in a super-maximum prison, Susan was invited to help raise seven wolf puppies. That was the end of life as she knew it. She had fallen hopelessly in love. She felt compelled to share the profound insights gained through her deep and intimate connection with the pups. The depth of this experience opened her to the possibility of connection with all forms of Life, and became the driving force for the founding of Earthfire Institute.

Susan speaks to audiences around the world about Earthfire’s vision, and her subsequent experiences with other wildlife, and is frequently invited to participate in interdisciplinary conferences and think tanks.

When Jean was five he drew a picture of himself walking in a park in France with animals following him. His mother said they always did. Studying to be a vet in Paris, he realized that he wanted a deeper relationship with animals, moved to the Rocky Mountains, and taught himself how to train wolves through living with them, keen observation, and endless patience. This led to a successful career training wild animals for Disney, BBC, National Geographic and more. He developed techniques based on reward, a deep understanding of each species and of each unique individual of that species.

Jean has an uncanny ability to connect with all species. Since the founding of Earthfire he uses his natural talent, plus 40 years of observation and hands-on experience to help visitors understand and connect with sanctuary animals, freely sharing his intimate knowledge of animal behavior.

Jean with Windwalker the Cougar

Saving Wildlife, Saving Ourselves

Our four growth initiatives for 2020-2023

Wildlife Sanctuary Development

Create and expand enclosures that align with the natural habitat of each resident animal. Ensure our facilities have the smallest possible impact on the land by incorporating permaculture principles.

Wildland Conservation

Purchase and preserve the land around Earthfire to help save the last wildlife corridor in the valley and connect it to the larger Yellowstone to Yukon system, giving wildlife a new chance to thrive.

Global Engagement and Inspiration

Connect with audiences around the world through digital content and speaking engagements. Serve as a thought leader in the global movement to honor and protect all life on earth.

Growing the Team

Develop succession and recruitment plans and establish an endowment to ensure our ability to protect animals and the land for decades to come.

Let’s Bring the Bear Necessities of Life to Our Sanctuary Bears

Join us as we move ahead with planting five acres of heavenly bear gardens and sheltered enclosures.

Teton Totem

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Wildlife Rehabilitation


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