It’s time to reawaken our connection to all that is wild.

Through Reconnection Ecology®, we expand our sense of community to include all living beings and work toward protecting thriving habitats for all Life.

Our Work

Earthfire Institute has pioneered Reconnection Ecology®, bringing people and wildlife together in intimate connection through retreats, stories, film, and workshops.

These visceral, healing experiences are open to all of us. They can occur anywhere, anytime, even in the most urban environments. Reconnection can be experienced at any emotional level, but the deeper it is, the more impact it has in reimagining our place among Earth’s ecosystems and  inspiring the changes needed for all of Life to survive and thrive. Brief magical encounters with any wild being can trigger powerful reminders that  we are part of a wondrous, greater whole.

Let’s Bring the Bear Necessities of Life to Our Sanctuary Bears

Join us as we move ahead with designing and building five acres of heavenly bear gardens.

Our Story

She was a psychologist who worked in maximum security prisons. He was a wild animal trainer for films. Together with seven wolf pups, they created a transformative and joyous approach to Life, the foundation of Earthfire Institute.

The Latest from Earthfire

The books Bright Green Lies and Embrace Fearlessly the Burning World standing on a rock with foliage in the background

What We’re Reading

At first glance, two new books that address our deepening environmental crises—Bright Green Lies by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, & Max Wilbert and Embrace Fearlessly

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High altitude drone image showing the curve of the earth, rivers, and clouds in the atmosphere

Protecting Our Shared Home

Our rational conscious mind can process 40 bits of information per second. Our intuitive subconscious mind can process 11 million. Yet our western culture increasingly

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