November 15th, 2017 1 Hour Free

Showing Up for Life on Earth

Conservation Conversation with Dr. Susan Eirich November 15, 2017, 6pm MST Dr. Susan Eirich and members of the Earthfire Community came together to discuss the topic "Showing Up for Life on Earth" and what that means for us individually and collectively to benefit all Life. The online video conversation took place on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 and is available for viewing. Of all the things we can do in any day, “showing up” for Life is the most important—for us individually, and for all beings on Earth. How do we do this? By turning our awareness outward toward other living beings, we discover how all life is personally and intimately connected to us. Through this...




2017 - TBD 1 Hour Free

Beauty Heals

We need to radically reverse how we value things. Instead of seeing beauty as a nice sideline in one’s life, or in the world, to give it real weight in our thinking and value systems. For many reasons, from natural brain wiring oriented to danger, to media that plays on that wiring, we attend instead to disorder and disharmony. Beauty heals. Beauty gives a sense of order to disorder, harmony instead of dissonance. As we tune to beauty our brains change, calm and we make better decisions, personally, culturally and environmentally. Join Dr. Susan Eirich, Earthfire founder, to explore how can we make this value and perception switch. Sorry, registration is closed. Please sign up for...

2017 - TBD 1 Hour Free

Rethinking Our Journey to Earthly Dominance and Beyond

Join us for a fascinating, provocative “big” journey through human history with Jon Schwartz.  Explore where we came from, what tipping points brought us to where we are, and where we are empowered to go from here. We will reflect on various milestones of human development - our achievements and our "oops!" moments alike - and how each pivot led us to who we are today.  From there, we'll explore "what's next" for humanity  and we'll shatter the myth that "there's nothing we can do" to shift our direction  from life endangerment to life preservation. Sorry, registration is closed. Please sign up for future Conversation...

2017 - TBD 1 Hour Free

Ecological Identity and Our Personal Journeys

Regardless of whether we live in the city or deep in the country, regardless of if we work outdoors or inside, we each have an ecological identity which forms the basis of how we see ourselves in relation to the world around us. These identities were formed and are nurtured by many influences and create the fabric of how we interact with this earth and its inhabitants. Join our staff for this seminar exploring the formation of ecological identity, the ways it manifests in our lives, and how we can continue to develop and deepen our personal sense of our ecological selves in relation to the wild animals of our communities. Sorry, registration is closed. Please sign up for future...


Tuning In to Life: The Art of Listening

On October 18th Dr. Susan Eirich and members of the Earthfire Community joined for a special online video discussion on a topic at the heart of Earthfire’s mission: the art of listening. Hearing is something we do involuntarily, but listening requires that we bring our complete attention to the subject at hand: ourselves, another being, Nature, all Life. To learn to speak the language of Life, we must first learn the ways that Life speaks to us. When we learn to listen deeply, we can begin to include the voices of all living beings in our considerations about how we...

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