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  • Animal Spirit and Energy
    Bear Joy, a Grizzly Swimming

    Bramble the grizzly bear loves the water. He displayed this to us tenfold when he went swimming the other day in the Bear Gardens at Earthfire Institute.

  • Animal Spirit and Energy
    Irreverent Treatment of Holiday Bows by the Animals of Earthfire

    Every year we try to add a little holiday cheer with the animals of Earthfire Institute. Sometimes they cooperate, sometimes they don't. Enjoy our efforts!

  • Animal Spirit and Energy
    Huckleberry Bear Bear Goes to Bed for The Winter

    Huckleberry Bear Bear prepares his den for winter sleep. This annual ritual, lets us know when winter has truly arrived. This is a video of Huckleberry arranging his bed to his liking...

  • Spiritual Ecology
    Meeting Wild

    Earthfire’s vision is to serve as a seed center of creative ideas in conservation through interspecies input and interdisciplinary thought.

  • Interspecies Relations
    Grizzly Bear, German Shepherd Play

    He was found at a roadside zoo that was closing down, just a few weeks old. Even then he was a "differently-abled" bear. As we watched him play, sweetly, the name just came out - Humble Bumble.

  • Animal Energy Healing
    Energy Healing Wolf

    Amazing healing sessions between humans, and Apricot, a resident wolf with a neurological disorder. Expected to die, she made it to the age of 14 in good health.

  • Animal Emotional Intelligence
    Beauty of a Wolf Pack

    Wolves are incredibly intense, passionate creatures. Their loyalty to one another is phenomenal. Wolf packs are family, when one member of the pack is killed, all member mourn the loss.

  • Animal Energy Healing
    Near Death Experience Changes Wolf

    How a wolf's near death experience changed her view of humans. Cucumber started meditating with us, and became a powerful ambassador for her species, living to 14.

  • Animal Spirit and Energy
    Three Legged Deer Runs-Like-the-Wind

    A week old fawn laid by the side of a highway with two broken front legs. A loving woman healed him and in return he taught and delighted humans for 4 rich years.

  • Human-Animal Interaction
    Penelope Smith telepathy retreat

    Penelope Smith hosts an inter-species telepathic communication workshop retreat with the rescued wild animals of Earthfire Institute.