Understanding Animal Voices with Penelope Smith, Part I

Behind our words are thoughts and feelings - we are not oriented to the fact that animals are thinking and feeling too even though they don't have words. When we listen to an animal's perspective we listen to a different kind of life. It is like going to a whole encyclopedia of knowledge......


Exploring a Path Forward – Shifting the way we think

How do we, as ordinary people, grapple with what is happening to our Earth? A conversation with Susan Eirich and Jon Schwartz.  How do we imagine a world of a better way of being on the planet? As we scan the world for solutions, it makes sense to listen for energy and information from outside the box of humanity.....

Tales of Transformation | A Grizzly Bear named Teton Totem

How did a paralyzed grizzly bear begin to walk again? Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about Teton Totem. He became progressively crippled and Western medicine didn't help. A story of mysterious healing through long distance energy work and its implications for the nature of reality.

Tales of Transformation | A Grizzly Bear Named Humble Bumble

Does a disability mean a bear shouldn't live? Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about Humble Bumble, a learning disabled grizzly bear who couldn’t function in the wild and the special gifts a “specially-abled” bear can bring.

Tales of Transformation | A Cougar Named Windwalker

The spiritual evolution of a cougar. Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about the story of Windwalker as he changed from a normal, somewhat aggressive cougar to aging gracefully and beautifully into a loving being whom many experienced as a profound spiritual teacher.

Tales of Transformation | A Wolf Named Apricot

A tale of human-animal healing. Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about Apricot the wolf who had an “incurable” neurological disorder that was healed completely through energy medicine. What does it mean that a wolf would immediately sense the impact of energy healing -- to lie down, take it in from a human, use it...

Tales of Transformation | A Three-Legged Deer Named Runs-Like-the-Wind

The story of a three-legged deer who could run like the wind. Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about this lovely creature who taught us about unseen and unexpected beauty. Found by the roadside as a fawn with two broken legs, humans became his family and he taught them a herd-heart connection that left people who met him glowing.

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