Tales of Transformation | A Cougar Named Windwalker

The spiritual evolution of a cougar. Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about the story of Windwalker as he changed from a normal, somewhat aggressive cougar to aging gracefully and beautifully into a loving being whom many experienced as a profound spiritual teacher.


Mr. Bumble

Tales of Transformation | A Grizzly Bear Named Humble Bumble

Does a disability mean a bear shouldn't live? Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about Humble Bumble, a learning disabled grizzly bear who couldn't function in the wild and the special gifts a “specially-abled” bear can bring.


Thunder & Susan

Tales of Transformation | Introduction to Earthfire, Part I

What can happen if we stay true to our childhood ideas and dreams? Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about the beginnings of Earthfire –the struggles and rewards of following an inner directive, and the end result; a rich life helping people reconnect to wonder and magic.

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