One Good Deed: Idea and Action Exchange

Each month we have will a suggestion for something we can do and invite your responses, ideas and actions. Ours will come from the basic principle of spiritual ecology,...

Richardson's Canada Goose, Kelling, 23-Dec-12 (A1) L

I walk with my head down against the brightness of the setting sun, seeing its reflected gleam on last year’s grasses lying flat after winter snows. Blinded by the sun my senses tune differently and I slowly become aware of the sound of rushing water – the spring snowmelt from the mountains has started! Life-giving clean cold mountain water, released from the winter snows just when things start growing. What an elegant system! While walking I hear the cry of wild geese and look in the direction of the call. There was a bonded pair, the tall stylish male and the smaller female walking side by side, close together in the vastness of the field. They were so clearly a couple. They were...

Flowers after snow

And the next day after the snow!!!l They survived! Who said beauty is fragile?  The same group of flowers, fully healthy, blooming in the sun.  

-- by Susan Eirich. PhD --


Wild geese tracks. No sign of the yellow flowers.....

-- Susan Eirich, PhD --

Cabin in a snowstorm

It was warm and lovely for several days. One tiny flower dared poke its head above the protecting soil. A couple of days later a few more dared. But you just can't trust the weather....... Looking up at the sky I saw dark clouds in the west, moving in fast. Sudden fierce winds began whipping the trees. The wind - the wind - it always foreshadows change. There was a sudden burst of hail. I pulled my jacket over my heard and rushed for shelter. Then the snow began, the air filling with huge flakes. It came down fast, a couple of inches in an hour. Mesmerizing in its beauty. I share it with you here.   -- by Susan Eirich, PhD...


Walking the land on the first day of spring, I saw a single tiny yellow flower. So brave, this pioneer! So reminiscent of hope and resilience! Who knew what the next weather might bring in the unpredictable spring of the mountains? It could be frozen solid tomorrow or buried under a foot of snow. Now five days later the ground is covered with them. They are not impressive (big). But they are irrepressible. Tiny little yellow dots of sunshine scattered across the field the earth, busily creating themselves from the light of the sun. And if we attend to any life form; in this case bending down to look at them more closely, they become bigger and more real in our vision and we enter into...

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